Figlio dei Fiori – Hippie

The cultivation of hemp is Daniele’s latest original initiative aiming at enhancing his business, which boasts sheep breeding as a flagship. The idea of enriching sheep’s milk cheese with the scent of hemp has thus sprung as a natural consequence of his desire for business innovation!
Finding the right balance of flavours, though, has taken a long time and several tasting sessions, since his ultimate goal was to present to cheese lovers a surprising new product which could stand out among the most renowned and traditional methods of national affinage.
Hippie” is an uncooked, small-curd sheep cheesecurd cutting is the size of rice grains. It is left to rest for at least 100 days in wooden barrels in first-choice seedless flowers, a rarity indeed in the national dairy landscape which normally features affinage in more common herbs and leaves. Affinage in hemp conveys an intense and pleasant herbal scent. On the palate, the herbal hints become delicate and mix with the fatty sweetness of sheep’s milk, thus giving birth to a new, balanced Hippie flavour!
Ageing time: 140 days.
Affinage: in durmast barriques with hemp inflorescence.