Our Farm, between tradition and innovation

For several generations, Morzenti Farm has bred dairy bovines sticking to the peculiarity of the traditional method.

Our herd can graze happy and free in Aosta Valley, at the foot of Mont Blanc or on the beautiful meadows of Grand Paradis National Park.

Our high-altitude grazing lands (ranging from 700 msl to 300 msl) give our milk and the derived dairy products the typical flavour and scent of mountain flowers. Since 2009, the Farm has been run by Daniele Morzenti who decided to juxtapose the traditional products with new craft produce such as sweet sheep cheese and other aromatic dairy products that remind of the floral and herbal flavours of Aosta Valley’s mountains.
Our cheese is the outcome of a family-run business that pursues traditional breeding, preserving the eco-sustainability of the alpine environment.

The unique Cheeses

Our cheese – offspring of love and experience, unique in flavour and affinage – will favourably satisfy even the most demanding and refined palates.

The Rosset Sheep

For years we have been breeding and preserving from extinction the Rosset sheep, an old mountain breed similar to the Savoyard sheep. From their soft and warm fleece we obtain useful products like cushions and quilts.